Your Personal Designer, Dedicated to Creating Jewelry That Makes You Feel Beautiful.

Corinna’s love of making necklaces was initially inspired one evening when she was looking for the perfect necklace to go with an outfit for a special event.  After searching endlessly for the perfect piece and not finding it, Corinna decided to put her creativity and artistic abilities to work and design her own necklace.  This began a 20-plus-year journey of making jewelry.   

Eventually, Corinna’s family and friends urged her to start a company to showcase her talent and jewelry creations for the world to see.  She affectionately named her company, Sunshine and Moonbeam, for the nicknames given to herself and her daughter by Corinna’s mother.  (Corinna is “Sunshine,” and her daughter, Andelynn, is “Moonbeam.”) 

Corinna is originally self-taught but has continued to evolve and expand her skill set and knowledge-base throughout the years, now branching into many different designs and unique styles.  Her designs have evolved from single-strand necklaces to bold, multi-strand statement necklaces.  Corinna uses a variety of embellishments and stunning color combinations to give the wearer a unique and eclectic design to showcase.  

Upon reviewing feedback and hearing requests from customers to add earrings and bracelets to her collection, Corinna took their advice and did just that.  After working hard to create several different design options, Corinna is proud to now also offer a variety of unique earrings and bracelets.