Jewelry Trends: What are Ear Wraps?

Ear wraps are a popular trend in funky, chic jewelry. They attach by wire that curves behind the ear, similar to a Blue Tooth or a pair of glasses. The wearer's ear slips comfortably between the space between the wire and the decorative ear wrap design on the front of the ear. 

These types of attachments allows me to create more elaborate designs than would be difficult to create with a regular earring. For example, the weight of an earring wrap might be too heavy as an earring. With the weight distributed in several places the wrap can be worn quite comfortably as an "every-day" piece. 

After doing some research into new earring trends for 2020, I discovered that from the runway to the street, when it comes to earrings, anything goes; single, mismatched, multiples. As you can see below I've added a mismatched earring to accompany the earring wrap to keep the look fashionable and stylish.

If you are wondering how to put on an ear wrap, it's quite easy! The wrap slips comfortably between the space between the ear wrap wire and the decorative design that is positioned on the font of the ear. Settle the ear wrap into position and angle it appropriately to the curvature of your ear. You may make adjustments with finger pressure or with a pair of smooth needle nose pliers.

Check out this youtube video for a demonstration:

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